Meeuwsen Producties
stickerontwerp fietsenhandel, click for bigger image
The final design for the facade of the dutch bike-shop "Adelaar Fietsen"

The building and the neighbourhood are eclectical by nature. The colouring, the fonttype and the ornaments of the design hints toward that style. The eagles have been drawn by Joep Meeuwsen. They fit the wish of the owner, the function of the shop and are derived from the name of the street as the bike-shop itself.

The wall cladding panels will be removed together with the illuminated advertisment. The panels are provided with sticking foil and hung back.

The saladin eagle, intended for above the entrance, is a specific choise of the owner. the designs are digital on big size available. The designs have been approved by the owner.
virtuele impressie, click for bigger image