Meeuwsen Producties
Odin and Joep started shuimo painting in 2009.

vier heren
The four seasons, Prumeblossom (winter), orchid (spring), bamboo (summer) and chrysant (fall) make the "four gentlemen" (also called four humans or four friends) in Chinese art.
At first Odin followed a course given by Joep whom has given courses in waterpaintings for several years before. The last three years, actually since Odin has bought voluminous chinese brushes in Kuala Lumpur, they started with shuimo painting and work more with ink and rice paper.

atelier op zolder
Here is the attic we started out. It was not possible to work very big. In the new ateliers we use since november 2014 we aim to paint bigger and try out the possibilities of brushes in general.
We have got the same space avialable but when we are working with ink we work together in one atelier. in atelier
We intend to display our paintings on this website.

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